The Grace Atelier Iconic Hand-Braiding

The Grace Atelier iconic hand-weaved panels, inspired by ancient Egyptian baskets, are the signature feature of our permanent collection, named Grace Atelier de Luxe.

The Babette, our classic bucket bag launched in 2013, was the first handbag to feature our signature braiding technique. Ever since, we handcraft and hand-braid our Grace Atelier de Luxe handbags with minimum use of tools and machinery.

The braiding of an original Grace Atelier handbag is never positioned in the exact center of a panel, it is always slightly off-center and unnoticeably differently placed on every single panel, something that would be impossible to achieve with machine-based production. The charm of Grace Atelier does not only lie in its architectural shapes and specially developed hues, but also in this valuable detail.

All Grace Atelier creations are accompanied by a personalised guarantee note that ensures that our clients are the possessors of an original Grace Atelier creation. The exact edition, place of purchase and name of the owner are stated, among other information, on the guarantee card.